When it comes to wedding dresses, the choices can be pretty endless. Whether a bride-to-be wants to add hundreds of embellishments, or even have the gown custom-designed, it’s easy for anyone to quickly rack up the costs when it comes to their wedding day attire. And luckily for some, budget isn’t a constraint when it comes to shopping for their day-of look. With limitless wedding budgets, affluent and celebrity brides have been known to drop a lot of money on their gowns for the big day.

Just U magazine presents the Diary of a Designer Wedding Dress by Valdrin Sahiti of Dr Oluwatoyin Iseyemi who got married to Hon Seye Oladejo in Lagos Nigeria.

Dr. Oluwatoyin AKA Dr. Tee’s wedding dress was crafted with attention to detail. The quality and designs are unmatched. The sumptuous gown is gorgeous, opulent, and truly celeb-worthy. It’s was Designed by VALDRIN SAHITI “THE DESIGNER, THE DREAMMAKER” Albanian fashion designer born in Prishtina, Kosovo on the 19th October 1986. Founder and first lover of Valdrin Sahiti Official, the biggest fashion house of the Ballkans, actually a worldwide renowned brand and luxury company that manufactures evening and wedding gowns.

Dr. Oluwatoyin Iseyemi “AKA Dr. Tee” is the Chief Executive Officer of Sparks Psychiatry. She is no stranger to mental healthcare as she is a board certified psychiatric/mental health nurse practitioner.

Dr. Tee received her bachelor’s degree in nursing from Houston Baptist University, her Master of Nursing degree and Doctor of nursing practice degree from University of South Alabama specializing in Psychiatric/Mental Health across the lifespan.

Dr. Tee’s vision for the company is to provide quality, affordable and compassionate care for all individuals and the community at large without prejudice. Dr. Tee focuses on ensuring providers on her team such as psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, counselors and other allied health team members are qualified and perform at the highest level of their scope of practice. During her free time, Dr. Tee likes to travel, read books, and spend time with her family.

Dr. Tee is currently licensed in the state of Arizona, California and Texas and recently got married to Hon Seye Oladejo in Lagos Nigeria.

Sparks Psychiatry is a child, adolescent, and adult outpatient mental health practice. At Sparks Psychiatry, your care is provided by Board certified providers or psychiatrist in Houston Texas & Surprise, Arizona-trained to trear children (from 4 years old) and adults. A board certified providers or psychiatrist in Houston Texas & Surprise, Arizona may conduct thorough assessments and evaluations to ensure we arrive at a plan to address your mental health needs.

Our team of experienced and board-certified providers (psychiatrist, psychiatric nurse practitioners) and other allied health care members will work with you one on one in a compassionate and caring manner to treat and manage your mental health needs or concerns. We may utilize medications, psychotherapy, counseling, and other evidence-based practice approaches to achieve your goals.

Our mission is to promote individual and community well-being through the provision of exceptional mental healthcare backed by research-based education.
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