Today, I made an unexpected visit to Chief Mrs. Oyenike Monica Okundaye, a United Nations certified cultural ambassador, at the exquisite Nike Arts and Gallery Center in Lagos. My purpose for visiting the art gallery was to show appreciation for her role in elevating Yoruba cultural heritage on the global stage and to offer encouragement for her continued efforts in benefiting humanity.

During our meeting, I assured Mama that the Osun State Government is fully committed to promoting arts and culture, aiming to create employment opportunities and generate wealth. Our administration has allocated necessary resources to revitalize the Osun Osogbo groove and other historical sites across the state, aligning them with international standards.

I was thrilled to hear Mama’s praise for my administration, acknowledging it as responsible for the “Best Osun Osogbo festival celebration so far.” She expressed astonishment at the transformed Osun groove, which had welcomed countless tourists. It’s heartening to receive such positive feedback from “Mama Nike Gallery.”