Timipre Sylva, former Minister of State for Petroleum Resources under ex-President Muhammadu Buhari, has said his decision to bid for the governorship of Bayelsa State a second time was hinged on his broader experience in government.

Sylva, who met with President Bola Tinubu on recently at the Presidential Villa in Abuja, said the courage of the president to announce the removal of subsidy on the first day of assuming office was an unprecedented feat, which the previous administration lacked the political will to do.

Speaking with State House Correspondents shortly after the visit on what he hopes to bring on board that would be different from his previous term as governor, he said, “Of course, I am a more experienced person now.

“I was governor in my early 40s; now I’m about to be 60, so you can see that a lot has happened. A lot of experience has been garnered. So, they will see a bigger, more mature governor this time

“A governor that is known to the world now and the world knows. So I know the world and the world knows me now. So it’s going to be a different ball game in Bayelsa State now”.

Commenting on what would be his focal areas if elected a second time, Sylva said Bayelsans should expect a lot from him now because he has just four year tenure to complete.

“The first point of the agenda would centre on human capital development, including education, which is very important. We need to really develop the capacity of our people.”