On the very first day, I opened my eyes,
The very first hands I got to feel,
The heart that warmed mine,
The eyes through which I saw the world,
The mind that raised me to be kind and great,
And the one that nurtured me was yours.

It’s been a year since you left me to nurture others and even though it still feels like yesterday, I will forever cherish all that you stood for and the values that you instilled in me, which made me who I am today.

The invaluable memories we shared throughout your lifetime, the lives you touched, your jovial nature, your prayers and words of advice, live in my heart and I will continue to uphold these values until my last days.

Thank you for being my angel, continue to rest on in the ever-loving bosom of Allah.

Iya Oba Princess Alhaja
Muinat Olabisi Abeni Ajasa