As I look deep into the future! I see a pursuit of fiscal balance, monetary stability, exchange rate stability, structural reforms, trade liberalization as key magic ingredients to macroeconomic enablers and stability.
Do you expect economic growth to build
market confidence and enable capital flows to match job creation? Then buy in and set your data right. Get in too, and fix micro-economics parametric. Market data, population data, growth rate, inflation, demographic sensitivity, forecast on demand and supply, and other engines of economic stimulus.

You need to know where you are now, SWOT analysis, total large data analysis is key. Then apply leadership by opening up your market. No game, kick out laws creating economic burden that refuses economic expansion, GDP, GNP and GNV growth. Just don’t hold back because a-do-nothing scenario is threat to any country’s national security.
Be patriotic, show love and Let Love Lead.

Tein T.S. Jack-Rich