In furtherance of the Renewed Hope Initiative of bringing succur and development to the rural areas, The Mandate Secretary, Women Affairs Secretariat, FCTA Honourable Adedayo Benjamins-Laniyi, has paid a visit to Kulo, a rural Community in Kuje Area Council that is only accessible through Abaji Area Council.

The community is home to an abandoned Groundnut processing factory, and the Mandate Secretary’s visit was to access the facility and explore ways in which it can be revamped.

During her visit, Benjamins-Laniyi said that the Honourable Minister of FCT, Barrister Nyesom Wike,is a man of his words who will deliver on his assignment in developing the nation’s Capital.

The Pioneer Mandate Secretary asked the District Head to document his challenges as they would be addressed by the Aadministration

She said that Abuja residents will see the work of the Minister because he is someone who is committed and passionate about the Renewed Hope Initiative of bringing succur to the people in line with the aspirations of Mr President, His Excellency,Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

“That is why they call him Mr Project. Within a year, people will see the workings there, not talk,” she said in a mix of GgoodEnglish and pidgin.

“He is the one who has packaged this visit with The Honourable Minister Of State, Dr Mariya Mahmud , who m sure will want to visit you once she gets this report

On his part, Chief Solomon Hassan, The District Head of Kulo, said their challenges include lack of access road, water, electricity, and employment opportunities for the youth in the community.

The District Head said that he was hopeful for a positive response from the FCT Administration after meeting with the Honourable Minister recently during The Town Hall Meeting and was impressed by his plans for the FCT

“We are grateful that he has come, it would not be out of place if you relate this to him, that you went to the rural community and one of them said they were very impressed and very glad about what he has done and is planning to do for the people of Kuje Area Council; Hassan said.