As I turn 70 ( three score and 10) today 23rd of March, I would like to reflect on the last two years of my life. Right in the middle of a pandemic I had a stroke! Dr Seyi Roberts, my friend and doctor described it as an Evolving stroke. Our home was turned upside down momentarily. When you have a great family you can rise faster against all travails. When I count my blessings, I count my wife, children and big sister.

I won’t lie, it has been very challenging especially as I also began to suffer from vertigo.

However, I am grateful to God for making me see and mark this milestone. I thank Him for my journey to recovery.

I was 17 when I left Benin for the proverbial greener  pastures in Lagos. I always wanted to be a radio presenter having been inspired by Dele Olowu on Midwest Radio.

My dream of being on radio didn’t manifest until I was 22 when broadcasters like Patrick Oke & Jones Usen encouraged me  to be the voice on NBC mail bag (now email). I was told I had a radio  voice.

I got my lucky break when at 24 I got auditioned for the role of an announcer at Radio Nigeria. While at RN I created Radioscope and later Radio Link (still running on Radio)

In 1981 I was drafted to the Radio NigeriaTraining School to train Announcers (which I  still do to date). I didn’t even realize I could become a trainer.

In 1979 I bagged the much Coveted Radio Nigeria Best Announcer of the year.  This was so surreal. I have since then received several other awards to the glory of God. I am  the host of  Radio and TV Talk Show, Soni Irabor Live which was inspired by the late Larry King whom i met in washington DC in july 1986 .

I retired from Radio Nigeria at the age of 48 in 2000 to set up my businesses in Advertising, Broadcast training,  broadcast media establishments and PR & Media services. I am passionate about broadcast quality and standards although so much has changed.

I thought I would release my book on the occasion of my birthday but it hasn’t happened quite like that but it will happen.

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