Exactly 27 years ago you left me in agony.
I fainted while approaching where your body awaited to be buried.
That act has remained the Greatest Regret in my entire life because I could not see the last of you as you sojourn into the Grave.

You were not just a Father to me.
You were my mother, my brother, my sister, my friend, my mentor, my teacher, my searchlight, my orator, my confidant, my playmate, and my gist partner.

  • “Saheed, no matter what, never give up your University education for anything. That will be your hope when I’m no more”.
    *Never allow any fellow human being to oppress you. Nigeria belongs to all of us”.

These were your two final words to me amongst your great Philosophical thoughts.
I am happy to be your last born and if there would be a second life, I wish to come back through you again.