The ministry of chieftancy and traditional affairs Osu Traditional Council Accra, Ghana will be laying to rest the remains of his royal Majesty, D.F Nii Okwei kinka Dawuono vi, Osun mantse & president of the Osun Traditional Council.

The burial is a national event, thus, the president of The Republic of Ghana, The Speaker of Parliament, The Chief Judge of the federation and the entire judiciary, diplomatic corps, members of Parliament, the political divides, and other key officials shall be in attendance.

The ministry of chieftaincy and traditional affairs invites the Egbere Emere Okori and Oneh Eh Nchia X of Eleme kingdom, His Royal Highness, king, Dr. Appolus Chu to grace the burial ceremony of the Osun mantse & president of Accra House of chiefs, Nii Okwei kinka Dawuono vi.

The late Osun mantse was in Eleme, Rivers State, Nigeria during king Appolus Chu’s 50th birthday ceremony because of their outstanding relationship.

The burial of a traditional ruler, will be attended by the president of the Republic of Ghana and all the officials of the country. This is how it aught to be, because a king is the father and owner of the land, the custodian of culture and traditions of the people.

The burial of the Osun mantse is a case study to Nigerian politicians and their attitudes towards Traditional Institution in the country. Politicians toy with the institution that is supposed to be a pride and umbrella for all.

There is a saying that, a child that insults his father, has insulted his own self, and a child that respects his parents has respected and protected his pride.

The burial arrangement of the late Osun mantse will include performance of traditional rites by the two ruling houses, Owuo and Dawuono at their various royal houses on the 12th of February, 2022. On Thursday 24th February, 2022, the body will be lying in state at the Osun Mantse Palace for viewing by the president of the Republic of Ghana, speaker of Parliament, all government institutions and close associates.

On Friday, 25th February 2022, the body will lying in state at the Osun Mantse Palace for viewing by the minister and ministry of chieftancy, members and staff of the National House of Chiefs, all traditional rulers, and the general public.

The final burial rites in on the 26th February, 2022, which is the church service at the independent square, by the Anglican Church Dioceses Accra. Independent square, is like the nigerian Eagle square where the swearing in of the president takes place.

In attendance will be the president of the Republic of Ghana, speaker of Parliament, chief justice, members of Parliament, Diplomatic corps, National and Greater Accra Regional House of Chiefs, well wishers in Osun and abroad.

This burial is a national event, all hands are involved because the country is burying and mourning the father of the land. Such burial in Nigeria can only be accorded to a sitting president. This burial is a message, it shows how Ghanaians, and Ghanaian politicians regard their traditional institution.

In Ghana, a traditional ruler is accorded with maximum respect and admiration of the people. In Nigeria, some politicians ridicule the traditional institution. We have heard of politicians insulting and embarrassing traditional rulers, in some parts of the country. In some parts of the country, traditional stools have been used by politicians to compensate their supporters and this causes distortion to the natural equation of the people.

It is divine that God has designed people in their own natural way of life, their language, culture, and their way of life as their identity. Today, we see politicians partition a kingdom, interfere and bring disunity by carving out different kinds of stools, numerous first class kings and others, which causes disunity in the communities.

No traditional rulers is guaranteed because government certificate can be withdrawn at anytime and giving to another at any time, and this breeds disunity. In some parts of the country their traditional institution has been turned into a joke and mockery.

A king is made by God. If you see a king, before even announcing his presence, you will notice the environment changes, the aura of royalty fills the air. For instance, when the Egbere Emere Okori and Oneh Eh Nchia X, king Appolus Chu is stepping into an arena, even without being told, you will know that a king, has arrived. King Chu is mostly call the ‘King of Africa’ because he is recognised internationally.

If a king is loved by his subjects and strangers, he will be crowded with activities both local and international. This is the beauty and glamour of a throne and the kingdom. It shows the network and strength of the king.

Can you see how Ghana is honouring a traditional ruler? The entire country to be led by the number one citizen, the president, the Parliament, the chief judge of the federation, the entire judiciary and all the arms of government, will be present to honour and pay respect to a doting royal father of the nation, the pride of the land.

This burial is indeed a national honour. In Nigeria, I’m not sure even a governor would be respected and honoured in this manner.

Although, when you see yourself and your royal fathers as grasshoppers, so would others see them. Ghana politicians have honoured their own royal father, they do not interfere in traditional affairs, talk more of dethroning and enthroning drama that is happening in Nigeria by Nigerian politicians.

What is happening in Ghana should be copied by Nigerian politicians to enable them strengthen our traditional Institution because traditional institution is the last hope for the common man and the umbrella of unity for the country.