Fitt as a brand has been consistent with giving succour and supporting Itire, Ijesha, Lawanson and Aguda communities with staple foods since the COVID era.

The company does it with a large heart by ensuring that at least more than 800 families benefit with tangible largess at every give-away time. Its 10th edition was done on the 4th of June, 2024 and it was carried out with mixed feelings. The level of hunger in town has increased and people are more pauperised. It necessitated sharing the food in two sessions (quickly making provisions for another 800 families same day) when the unattended-to in the first session surpassed those that benefited.

Consequently, this necessitated birthing a foundation whose responsibility on a monthly basis is to provide relief, resources, opportunities, advocacy, capacity building and collaborative works with both local and state governments.

Fitt Foundation is birthed by the desire to give back to the community. Opportunities are now given to residents, individuals, communities and associations that are willing to support our cause with what they have.