Tein T.S. Jack-Rich CON Celebrates Wife Dr. Mrs. Elizabeth Itunuayo As She Adds Another Year

Dear Dr. Mrs. Elizabeth Itunuayo Jack-Rich, @elizabethjackrich
Your birthday is here again, at a time so needed as instrument to gather Nigerians in leadership, not leaving behind dreamers of all works of life, to share love and break bread.
I am greatly honored and privileged to say, that it came at an occasion of good feat to continue to speak to Nigerians at home and abroad, sharing the need for a new dawn in our great Country.
Your service to humanity shall fetch the needed cohesion for a rebirth and achieve public good.
As your birthday throws the smiles of a new beginning needed for a prosperous and more sustainable future under cutting ng-edge visionary leadership, participants shall leave with an embodiment of fulfilment.
I am sure your birthday celebration on shall usher in that hope for secured peace, renewed hope for the less opportune, supplies for the good
and advancement of society.
May the smiles of love on your birthday beautify all in need, filling us with the true love of life and Let Love Lead.
Happy Birthday Love ❤️

~Tein T.S. Jack-Rich CON

Dr. Elizabeth Jack-Rich Tein Jr.
Dr. Elizabeth Jack-Rich Tein Jr. is a philantropist, an enterprenuer and business woman, Dr. Elizabeth was born on the 18th of May 1993 into the humble family of Mr. W.J Isaac, a Jewish National from Israel and a Nigerian mother from Ondo State. Through shear perseverance and belief in attaining excellence through hard work and focus, she became the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Elizabeth Jack-Rich Aid Foundation Limited, a conglomeration of vision based firms launched to serve as a wealth creation pool to positively empower the downtroden