Oba Babatunde Saliu boasts of an impressive educational background, having earned his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Lagos State University and a Master’s degree in Public Administration from the University of Lagos. He has also been lauded for his intelligence, diligence, and integrity in both his personal and professional life.

Since his ascension to the throne, Oba Babatunde Saliu has been a beacon of hope for his people, bringing modernity and innovation to traditional leadership. He has initiated new development programs and shown a keen interest in the welfare of his subjects, consistently making efforts to improve their quality of life.

Oba Babatunde Saliu remains committed to serving his people and maintaining the traditions and customs of his kingdom. His reign promises to bring continued progress and prosperity to the Oworonshoki kingdom and the Lagos State at large.

This exceptional achiever grabbed life by the lapel early in life and got transformed into an enviable status filled with great accomplishments. The well-educated monarch is a holder of two Bachelor’s degrees in Philosophy and Business Administration, as well as two Master’s degrees in Philosophy and Public and International Affairs.