Dear Friends and Followers,

Today, I had the privilege of attending the 1-day National Discourse on Nigeria’s Security Challenges, Good Governance, and the Devolution of Power at the Local Government Level. It was an enlightening experience that reinforced my firm belief in the importance of granting full autonomy to local governments, devolving power, and having INEC conduct local government elections.

I strongly advocate for the devolution of power to local governments, allowing them the authority to make decisions that directly impact their communities. Empowering local governments with greater autonomy is crucial for fostering better governance, improving service delivery, and enhancing accountability at the grassroots level.

Furthermore, I stand for the proposition that INEC should oversee local government elections to ensure transparency, credibility, and fairness in the electoral process. Upholding democratic principles at every level of government is vital for the progress and prosperity of our nation.