It’s an extraordinary gathering in Badagry as they welcomed the Honourable Minister of Tourism, Hon Lola Ade-John, along with esteemed guests and dignitaries, to celebrate the town’s rich cultural heritage and historical significance. From the vibrant traditions to the echoes of the past, Badagry shines as a beacon of history and pride. Grateful for the opportunity to host such a momentous occasion that honors their roots and paves the way for a brighter future. Hon. Prince Sesi Oluwaseun Whingan, Member, House of Representatives, Badagry Federal Constituency and Deputy Chairman, Committee on Petroleum Resources (Upstream) Deputy Chairman, Special Committee on Oil Theft/Loss was there to receive the minister.

Joining the momentous tour were esteemed dignitaries including the Hon. Commissioner for Tourism Lagos, Executive Chairman of Badagry Local Government, Hon. Teliat Onilude, Badagry West LCDA Chairman, Hon. Gbenu Henugbe, Member of LAHA representing Badagry Constituency I, Hon. Bonu Solomon, illustrious royal fathers, and a host of other key stakeholders from across the Badagry Federation.