The above phrase simply means;
OMOYE has entered into the market place nakedly, hence her nudity can not be robed anymore.

THE MARKET PLACE IN YORUBALAND is not like any other ones in Africa or around the Globe due to some Traditional rites that take place within and around the Market areas.
Unlike many other Markets around the World, Sacrifices are offered to some Ancestral Deities and gods inside the Yoruba Markets. Deities and gods like AJÈ ( the goddess of Commerce), ÒGÚN ( god of iron), ÈŞÙ ÒDÀRÀ (satan), IFÀ ( the Oracle) et cetera are worshipped in the markets. Moreso, there are traders (majority women) who deal with Herbal and Traditional products(ELÉWÉ OMO) which are mainly patronized by Herbalists and Traditionalists. Do not be surprised when you come across Heads and Body parts of Monkeys, Snakes, Rats, Bats, Chameleons, Crocodiles, Alligators and some other parts that i may not be able to mention on this Platform. However, those who are in the market to buy cooking items, fabrics, building materials and so on may not have any business whatsoever in that part of the market.
The Yoruba Markets are also avenues where daily, fortnightly and monthly contributions are made among Traders. Some markets in ancient Yoruba era, also served as places where judgements and punishments are awarded to those who have committed one crime or the other.
It is also believed by the Yorubas that those who come into the markets are not only human beings alone but some strange beings who usually transformed into humans, so as to also engage in the buying and selling in the market.
An unconfirmed story made mention of how a Deer who always come into the market in form of a prety lady every fortnight to buy Okro. Her case became very suspicious due to the large quantities of okro she normally buy in the market which led to the shortage of okro in the market one day, denying others to buy the product in the market. She was challenged and questioned how she liked to buy only okro in large quantities without buying other cooking items. This face-off led to a big fight and she and others were taken to the Palace for settlement. Due to the delay in the Palace and her inability to return back to the forest the appropriate time, she transformed into a Deer right inside the Palace……..
The Yoruba Markets, might be an unrestricted area for all and sundry but there are some TABOOS one must also avoid or restrictly adhere to. For instance, it is a great Taboo for anybody to be completely naked in some of the Markets in Yorubaland. It is also believed that any fresh case of Insanity must be prevented at all cost to enter into the market area in nudity. This is so because such case of madness will forever remain incurable.

The word OMÓYĘ is mostly synonym to female names in areas like Ile-Ife and nearby towns and villages, Ilesha, Ekiti state and Ondo State. It is mostly the shorten of OMOYELE, OMOYENI, OMOYEMI, OMOYE’LU etc.
OMÓYĘ was born after 11 years of marriage. He took the parents great deal before she was conceived. Many Herbalists were visited before Olodumare (the supreme God) answered the prayers of her parents through an OSUN Priestess.
OMÓYĘ grew up to be a very beautiful and dazzling lady. At the age of 18, so many men, both married and unmarried wanted her hand in marriage but the parents insisted she must attain the age of 21 before giving her out. Besides, they wanted her to learn and mastered the Fabric business which was the Family business. At the age of 25, OMOYE still insisted that she was not yet ready to settle with any man. Though she was the most beautiful lady any one can think of within and outside her community but she was also the most arrogant, proud, abusive any one can ever think of.
The day ÀJÀLÁ ALÁMÒ IRE (The Moulder of creatures in Heaven) moulded OMOYE must have been a special day in Heaven. Her tall and flawless legs, her pointed nose, snowhite set of teeth, long hair, captivating eyeballs, glowing dark skin, moderate lips, well moulded front and back shape, nightingale and velvet tone voice, dimples, space in-between her front teeth, woven neck are attributes that OMOYE was gifted with. Inspite of these lovely gifts bestowed on this Epitome of Beauty, her bad character is second to none.
LONGE was a farmer in a nearby village called IREDE. The village was just a thrown stone to where OMOYE and parents resided. Aside being a farmer, Longe had great knowledge about charms and this made the villagers and those that lived nearby to avoid going into his farm or coming closer to him. He was considered as a very dangerous and wicked soul. The thieves that normally steal farm products from farms dare not enter his farm because of the calamities that await them in the farm. Thus the phrase; “EWU Ń BĘ L’ÓKO LÓNGÉ, LÓNGÉ GAN EWU NI” which means; THERE IS GREAT DANGER IN LONGE’S FARM, LONGE HIMSELF IS A GREAT DANGER” derived its source from this Character.
There were lots of riped and big mangoes on the ground which no one dare touched except few birds that were feasting on them. OMOYE being an addictive lover of mangoes sighted the riped mangoes on the ground inside Longe’s farm and she decided to pick some. Her 2 friends warned and pulled her back from entering into the farm considering the danger that might occured. OMOYE dared the consequence and entered into the farm and picked 3 from those on the ground. On sighting OMOYE from distance, Longe shouted thief ! thief !! thief !!! and rained curses and abuses on Omoye, also extending the curses to her parents. This got Omoye infuriated and charged against Longe who slapped Omoye on the face. Omoye in retaliation did not only slapped Longe but also bite him mercilessly. This scenario drew the attention of some passers-by who tried to appeal to Omoye who held Longe cloth tightly on the neck and making breathing to be difficult for him. Realizing the danger awaiting this action, Longe drew out a ring from his pocket, hit Omoye on her body and behold Omoye began to dance to a soudless tune of an invisible drum. Omoye took to her heels and headed straight into the Market place. All efforts to prevent the epitome of beauty not to enter the market in her nudity proved abortive.
Till her dying day, OMOYE remain insane.

‘Yinka Egbeyemi.