Yes, you should make love anytime you both want to but here are strategic times you don’t want to miss and means the whole world to your spouse. Make your spouse feel super special during this period, enjoy love making like never before and help them overcome sexual temptation out there and stick to you -their honey pot, sweet sugar pie and paradise zone forever winks.

  1. Before they travel.
  2. After they return from travelling.
  3. Second to fourth days before and after menstruation for those with regular period and wants love making without the drama of pregnancy, condom, pills or injection.
  4. Ovulation period for those seeking babies.
  5. All through 9 months pregnancy day in, day out as your power can carry. (Don’t vomit on uncle during the first trimester sha).
  6. When they are not happy.
  7. When they feel so lonely or depressed.
  8. On a cold rainy night.
  9. Early harmattan morning.
  10. During celebration e.g new job, business breakthrough, promotion, award of contract, etc.
  11. When you are looking super sexy and he can’t take his eyes off you.
  12. When you are super charming and she is prowling all over you.
  13. After settling your “quarrel”.

Alright, there you go baby, go rock your lover’s bed. Here you go uncle, start doing some press up and weight lifts, you need some energy to do your job during this period, laughs.

Seriously, there is no time limit or barrier to anytime you want to make love to your spouse.

Follow your schedule, rhythm passion, time table or whatever.

Don’t neglect those special moments either, love making during those periods are more meaningful, deep and affectionate but each family differs. Just do what works for you.

I want you to experience uninterrupted bliss, joy and peace in every way you can in your marriage.

Keep the ball rolling!