The announcement took place today 2nd August 2023 when Adewale Ademokoya Managing Director Ashmark Global Resources And Akanmu Saheed Olatokunbo (Arch.), CEO Ashmark Global Resources announced the endorsement of Veteran Actor Taiwo Babajide Al Hassan aka “Ogogo” as its Brand Ambassador.

Ashmark Global Resources Limited is a duly registered limited liability company in Lagos, Nigeria. They do architecture and engineering designs, road and drainage works, and other civil construction projects for private and public clients as consultants and contractors.

They also execute major government contracts for multinational construction companies and expatriates as sub-contractors and consultants.

Also, we’ve executed a number of projects using alternative materials and construction methods like Shipping containers, PolyUrethane sandwiched panels, seasoned woods, etc to build homes, beach houses, clubs, lounges, and restaurants.

And we’ve also embarked on several facade improvement projects using innovative aesthetically pleasing elements like aluminum composite panels to form 2D, 3D, and 4D design effects, cement boards, bricks, panels, etc.

Taiwo Babajide Al Hassan who is popularly known as Ogogo is a Nigerian actor, director and producer. He was born October 31, 1959 in OGUN STATE. He went to Yaba Technical school in Lagos for his technical training as an automobile mechanic.

He began acting in 1981 under the tutelage of Awo Ademola Fagbemi, shortly after he got a job at the water corporation as an auto-mechanic. He worked at the water corporation for about 13 years. He retired from government work to concentrate on acting in 1994.

Ever since he joined the Nigerian movie industry he has featured and produced several movies which includes Baba Ibeji, Suspect, Egbe Orun, Eje Salami, Okan Soso among others.