The Mandate Secretary, FCT Women Affairs Secretariat, Honourable Dr Adedayo Benjamins-Laniyi has charged Kuje Women to ensure that they and their Children acquire basic education and relevant skills in other to improve their Social Welfare.

The Mandate Secretary who spoke through The Head of Education Department, Dr Mosunmola Abdulwahid said this during the interaction with Kuje Women in Communication of International Women’s Day.

Honourable Adedayo Benjamins-Laniyi said that when we talk about investing in Women; it means investing in her Education, her health, physical and mental, and general well-being.
” It is only when a Woman is educated and gainfully employed that she can make progress and be able to impact positively on the Society”.

She encouraged The Women to give their children proper training devoid of gender discrimination.
She added that The girl Child should be given the right to education as her male counterpart.

Also speaking at the Event The Wife of The Kuje Area Council Chairman, Her Excellency; Mrs Salamatu Abdullahi Sabo told the Women that Girl Child Education is paramount to accelerating progress. She used herself as an example of one whose Parents knew the importance of educating a girl child. She said there’s no Career that a woman cannot be involved in as their are Women Pilots, Engineers etc.

The Kuje First Lady said Women are not in competition with Men. She urged Women to be disciplined, respectful and bring up their Children in the same manner.

She added that cleaning and cooking is not meant for female child alone as they are basic Skills that everyone should be able to perform.

Mrs Zainab Abu, Head, Gender Unit of Primary Health Care Board taught the Women about basic health care routine for Women for a healthy lifestyle.

Ms Kemi Samuel gave a talk on Mental health. She said Women are encumbered with a lot of care and tend to worry and be anxious about not meeting up. She said it was important to find time to rest, relax and the importance of maintaining a balance in their daily life.

Mrs Joy Okosa,Head, Family Unit of Women Affairs Secretariat talked on sexual and gender based violence, how to avoid it , and what to do when it occurs.

Some of The Women interviewed expressed appreciation and delight that International Women’s Day Celebration was brought to them in their locality.
They appreciated the FCT Administration and The Renewed Hope Initiative of The First Lady which has made it possible for those in the rural Women to benefit from international celebrations like their counterparts in the City.

Josie Mudasiru
Deputy Director/Head,
Public Relations Department