Whatever it may look like, Politics is not about about exalting oneself but rather taking the role of representation for people, families and communities as a personal and invested responsibility.

True politics is WHAT WE DO and not WHO our titles say we are. In the pure realm of political governance, the essence must never be self but others. So Politics, at its core, must transcend individual persona; it is an embodiment of highest ideals and responsibilities that embrace and are germane to all.

To lead is to embody what ought to be, not by ideals but by experience, thereby fostering a collective journey towards a shared vision.

My call to action- Let us all become more intentional to perceive politics not as a pursuit of personal acclaim but as a vessel for collective aspirations, impact and legacy.

Politics is a curriculum of lessons we continually learn and earn from. The force of altruistic political engagement emphasizes the need to focus on the substance of policies, the impact on society, and the pursuit of justice, rather than getting ensnared in the cult of personality.

Political representation, at its core, is a noble calling—a commitment to championing the rights and welfare of the many, not the glorification of the one.