To the auspicious first-time visit of the United Nations Resident Representative in Abuja, Nigeria, to the palace of the Ona of Abaji & Paramount Ruler cum Royal Father over the entire Traditional Hierachy of the revered seventeen chiefdoms of the FCT.

Mr Matthias Schmale @matzschmale esteemed visit, orchestrated by the inspiration of the First Lady’s Renewed Hope Initiative advocacy, through the office of the Mandate Secretary for Women Affairs FCT

Truly historic and a landmark moment of international friendship, potential partnership, and SDG collaborations .

The convergence of these distinguished individuals underscores the importance of fostering diplomatic ties and promoting conversation and cultural dialogue for the betterment of our shared community spaces, both rural & global.

As the United Nations continues to engage with local leaders and institutions, the prospect of meaningful cooperation and development becomes even more promising.

As the privilege of my assignment continues to evolve, I am sincerely energised for more unique engagements driving change, fostering unity, and deepening our shared understanding and commitments to the well-being of shaping communities.

Together, we thrive, securing a future of peace, prosperity, and collective progress.

I hereby express my profound thanks to HRH Ona of Abaji;
HRH the Gimbiya (Queen Mother of FCT Chiefdoms);
Mr Matthias Schmale and UN office team lead.