The Chairman of Ojodu LCDA, Hon Segun David Odunmbaku today hosted a media parley to highlight his achievements in office, the event served as an opportunity to engage with the media and provide updates on the progress made by his administration since assumption of office.

During the media parley, Hon Odunmbaku outlined some of the key achievements as encapsulated into his Health, Education, Youth and Women Development and Social and Infrastructural Development (H.E.Y.S) Agenda which is in tandem with the THEMES+ Agenda of the Lagos State Government (to aid intergovernmental collaborations for development) as well as the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs) .

The Chairman highlighted the construction and renovation of several roads including Fadeyi Street, Paul Avenue and Umaru Saro Drive, he also mentioned upgrading of primary healthcare centers (including provision of alternative energy to boost healthcare services), incessant free medical/surgical interventions and health insurance for 1000 residents, donation of Jamb and GCE Forms with coaching classes, 600 sets of furniture and 50,000 books to primary and junior schools to cater to the educational needs of the community.

Additionally, the Chairman listed initiatives executed towards improving the standard of living for the residents of Ojodu LCDA, such as grants and loans for small businesses, provision of palliatives like free buses and subsidised food, bursary and scholarships for indigent students, cash empowerments for nano traders, supports for the senior citizens and persons living with disabilities, and vocational trainings for youths.