Whats your full name and stage name?

Kadiri Oluwajuwon Adebayo Gamboszn (gamboseason)

How did you come about your stage name

Gambo was the name of burnaboy’s bestfriend that died but i adopted the name cause burnaboy’s music really held my hand when i was going through all of my darkest moments, so the name came to me at a point where i really needed an identity for myself that fits the sound that is very similar to burna’s sound. Plus the name makes me feel a litlle bit mysterious, like im there but im also not there like a ghost.

What is your Background? Tell your story?

Kadiri Oluwajuwon Adebayo (born 23 january 2000) known professionally as Gamboszn, is a Nigerian singer, song writer and record producer. He was born in Offa, Kwara State, Nigeria. Oluwa Juwon grew up in the south west Nigeria and began writing music at a very young age of seven. He attended Landmark University Secondary School in Omu-Aran (Kwara State) and furthered his education studying Bio-Chemistry at Caleb University in Ikorodu (Lagos State). Olajuwon launched his music career as a self-taught Artist in Lagos.

How do you describe your music to people?

My sound and songwriting are the backbone of my music, ill describe my music as afro fusion on the surface but its still deeper than just afro fusion its complex to explain but my music is basically me telling my stories and personal experiences as i try to navigate life and its relatable cause i sing about what we all feel as humans.

How would you define Success?

Success to me is very relative. id be successful when my music can change the life of a person. id be successful when my music heals a broken mind.

What are your immediate music career goals?

My immediate career goals would be to sell out arenas all over the globe and have fans sing along to my music

What live performance experience have you had?

I’ve had one live perfomance, i still need more practice but im good at what i learn, but i sound extremely good on live

Do you have a presence on social media?

Yes i have a social media presence its my stage name on all platform

What makes you happy?

I hate to sound cliche but music makes me really happy

Who are those that inspires you in the industry?

I’m easily inspired but majorly Olamide, Burnaboy and Nasty c were my early inspirations

Who are the artiste you wish to work with?

I have a long list of artiste I’ll like to work with but I’ll wait for God to do his thing

@gamboszn on all platforms except Snapchat @gamboszn23