RCCG City Of David Trinity Towers Opening and Dedication.
Ministering: Pastor E. A. Adeboye
Text: Isaiah 56:6-7
You can write this down: Whatever prayer you pray here today will be answered. The House of the Lord, according to Him is a House of Prayers, that means a house where prayers will be answered. Does this mean we have to come to the church before our prayers will be answered? No, He already says in Jeremiah 33:3, call on me and I will answer you, He didn’t specify where. But Isaiah 55:6, we are informed to seek the Lord where He may be found and call on Him when He’s near, so if the church is the house of the Lord, then we know He is at home here. In Psalm 16 vs 11, we are reminded that in His presence, there is fullness of Joy. The house of God is a house of healing and deliverance because when you come to House, you will hear the word and it will heal and deliver you. As you hear the word today, it will heal and deliver you. The house of the Lord is the house of Victory. Psalm 24:7-10. You cannot be in the house of the Lord and not get deliverance.

In mark 2:1-12, we are told of a man who was paralyzed from neck down, his friends took him to Jesus with the confidence and faith that he will be healed. Because you came today, all your problems will be solved. Because you are in this church today, I decree that your appointment with death will be canceled. The house of the Lord is the house of restoration. Exodus 3:13-14. There is restoration because it is the house of the one called “I am”.
The House of the Lord is where the irreversible can be reversed. John 11:39-44. The owner of the house we are speaking about is the one who sent me here to speak to any dry bones that they will live again. Anyone here with lost hopes, as the Lord lives, your hopes will rise again. No matter who decreed that you won’t rise again, in the name of the One who is called amen, you will rise again. All those who are expecting you to die, you will attend their funeral service. This is a house of prayer where prayers are answered, but do you know the owner of the house? You can know Him today, just come forward and accept Him as your Lord and personal savior.