The Christian women Fellowship international is a Trans denominational Christian group founded in 1974 by Her President Grace Archbishop Margaret Benson Idahosa.

We are committed to bring the love of God through Jesus Christ to everyone globally. We are women who are concerned for the Physical, Mental, and Spiritual development of women and youths globally.

We are women committed to carry out what God has entrusted into our hands. We commit to uphold the dignity of womanhood universally, irrespective of Nationality, Race, Denomination and Ethnicity. We bring the message of our Lord Jesus Christ to give hope to the hopeless.

🌟 Celebrating 50 Years of Women in Christ

In the radiant glow of half a century, we joyfully commemorate the golden anniversary of the Christian Women Fellowship International! 🎉

✨ For five decades, this remarkable movement has been a beacon of inspiration, guiding women towards the profound discovery of their identity in Christ.

✨Under the unwavering leadership of our President general, Archbishop Margaret Benson Idahosa, the heartbeat of CWFI echoes the resounding motto: “Focus on Christ.”

✨This guiding principle has been the compass, steering countless women on a transformative journey toward their full consciousness in Him.

✨Our Archbishop, Dr. Margaret Benson Idahosa’s commitment to the empowerment of women has been a testament to the enduring strength found in faith. Over these 50 years, her visionary leadership has been a source of guidance, wisdom, and unwavering support for women across the globe.

✨As we reflect on this milestone in August 2024, let us honour the tireless efforts of our Mama and the countless women who have dedicated themselves to the mission of CWFI. Their labors have sown seeds of empowerment, resilience, and unity, creating a legacy that will continue to flourish for generations to come.

✨To Archbishop Margaret Benson Idahosa, Dr. Daisy Osborn, Mama Koko (here pictured)and the entire CWFI family, I extend my deepest gratitude for 50 years of transformative impact. May the next chapters of this incredible journey unfold with even greater blessings, as we remain steadfast in the glorious focus on Christ.

✨Here’s to the past, present, and future of Christian Women Fellowship International — where the strength of women is celebrated, and the light of Christ guides every step! 🌺🌟

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