HRH. King Appolus Chu, a respected and inclusive leader, displayed the essence of unity and equality as he humbly sat barefoot in a mosque to witness the wedding ceremony of the daughter of his friend and brother, the Emir of Borgu. This event which took place in Abuja, showcased King Chu’s commitment to promoting harmony among traditional rulers regardless of race, religion, or tribal background.

The Emir of Borgu, HRH Alh. Muhammed DanToro Kitoro the IV, has always reciprocated King Chu’s kindness by attending significant events such as the opening of King Chu’s palace, his daughter’s marriage, and his yam title celebration. The bond between them symbolizes a deep friendship and mutual respect.

It is worth mentioning that this is not an isolated incident for King Chu, as he has previously visited a mosque during the wedding of the Sultan of Sokoto’s daughter. This consistent display of love and support for the Muslim community highlights King Chu’s dedication to fostering unity, peace, and inclusiveness.

Recognizing his efforts in promoting harmony and equality, King Chu was honoured with the Order of the Federal Republic (OFR) by the Buhari administration. This prestigious recognition further affirms his role as a bridge builder, peace ambassador, and advocate for a shared society, free from any form of discrimination.