Engr. Tein T.S Jack-Rich host Mr. Omar Wilson and Ms. Mika Rhabb from Georgetown University Business School, alongside renowned Nigerian music professionals including the legendary 2Baba at the The prestigious Delborough Hotel

Omar Wilson and Mika Rhabb are on a one-week research visit to explore Nigerian music and its evolving business landscape. Their enthusiasm to engage with Nigeria’s entertainment elites was palpable as they discussed their mission to develop solutions to help shine the light on a broader range of talents and behind-the-scenes professionals deserving of wider recognition in the US market.

This exclusive gathering, held in collaboration with Now Muzik CEO Efe Omorogbe, attracted industry leaders spanning music, film and media. Among the notable guests were Mathew Ohio (Industry Nite), Ernerst Audu (Peaceville Ent.), Tiwa Medubi ( Livespot 360), Boma Odunuga (Conversion Craft), and Rhiemen Omorogbe (Now Muzik/Buckwyld Media).