Bolatito Elizabeth Okolie, CEO Bonix Drinks is an event business mogul in Nigeria. She tops the innovation game with her brand earning repute as the go-to drink service provider in the country. Tapping from the abundant experience of over three decades, with an overflow of resources and inspiration in the international world, Bolatito puts on her creative hat and amazingly brings up many unique groundbreaking ideas.

The Pioneering Bolatito Elizabeth Okolie has ushered different concepts at events such as the introduction of mobile bars, Palm wine Bar, mobile champagne buckets and dancing Champagne girls, all woven around proudly embracing and showcasing the African heritage. Bolatito started this journey, whilst an undergraduate in Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria, as she tags along with her Mother who sold drinks at Tejuosho Market. Discovering her passion, although a trained nurse by profession, she revamped the norm and hasn’t looked back ever since.
Till date, Bonix Drinks – the name “Bonix” inspired by her maiden name Bola Oni with an “X” added in the mix has handled countless events. Bola Okolie isn’t just passionate about her brand, she lives for empowerment, ensuring her staff is empowered and sponsors several training programs for them outside the shores of the country.
Bola Okolie runs the premium Drinks

Bonix Experience 30 Years is in Partnership with Hennessy