Just U Magazine is an excellent unique everyday life, lifestyle and entertainment magazine which celebrates the reflection of Nigerians. Who have carve a niche for themselves in their chosen fields.

We believe Just U Magazine provides an ideal platform to showcase your astonishing, extraordinary and phenomenal strides in our community.

We have realized that the vital task facing us as Nigerians is to build world class personas and brands to “showcase” our own achievements in a global setting and economy.

The publication is a 40 Pages, Glossy, Full processed Colour magazine. It showcases high-net worth individuals (HNI) and their contributions to the society.

With a print-run of five thousand copies and a very efficient distribution network nationwide and outside the country like USA, U.K, South Africa, Dubai, France, Kenya, Brazil, Kenya, which Includes Fashion Stores, Hotels, Boutiques, Embassies etc.