Tips That Keeps Marriage By Adewale Aladejana

This morning I am talking about a profound issue that’s kept marriages and at the same time has destroyed marriages and lots of relationships. I am talking about soul ties.

A soul tie is an emotional even spiritual entanglement with another person, it could be a one way thing or both ways. A soul tie is formed majorly through relationships but it goes deeper than that when sex is involved.

A soul tie could be positive or negative. A positive soul tie will keep you faithful to your partner because you don’t have eyes for any other person. I have a soul tie with my wife and its both ways, she is like the only woman I see and I can’t function without her. If you want trouble let my wife suspect you are eyeing her husband ūü§£ūü§£

A negative soul tie could be with an ex or a woman or man who does feel the same way about you. Samson had a soul tie with Delilah that’s why he couldn’t refuse her anything even though he knew she could destroy him.

If you are married or in a serious relationship and you can’t stop having sex or seeing your abusive ex you are dealing with a soul tie. He or she treats you like shit and you have someone who worships the floor you walk on yet you keep going back to that ex, you are dealing with a soul tie.

How do you break a soul tie?
1. Tell your spiritual authority
2. Fast and pray
3. Confess to your partner
4. Delete and cut of all contacts
5. Become accountable, let your partner have access to your phone and other social media platforms.

If you are dealing with a negative soul tie, you need to make up your mind to deal with it before it destroys you. May God help us all in Jesus name.

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