Sadly, celebrities themselves don’t talk enough about it for fear of being perceived as vulnerable.

Sometimes the pressure is subtle and at other times it is loud and unrelenting…

Be careful , be discerning to recognize that pressure and avoid it by remaining true to your authentic self.

There’s way too much price to pay for living contrary to your being because you want to keep up appearances.

Who exactly are you trying to impress at all cost??

I have seen celebrities come and ago and you know what’s most painful? Nobody really cares!!

It’s funny how one minute you’re the flavor of the month and the next, no one remembers you; People even struggle to remember your name! You know why? That’s the nature of the beast.

The loneliness of being forgotten can be so loud! Celebrity status and fame can be so fleeting which is why you must live your life on your own terms…. and when the trumpet sounds, you can say; I had a good run!

At the onset of Genevieve I heard stuff like; “Aunty Betty, a celebrity like you shouldn’t be living in Dolphin estate na” “ You need a new car that befits your status!! “

I honestly was clueless about fame and even more confounded that people felt I needed to upgrade even though I was absolutely comfortable where I was.

Then years later we moved to Lekki and then the subtle hint .. “ you guys should be living in Ikoyi or Banana island “

Ofcourse you also get unsolicited opinions about what brands of clothes, hair and bags befit your celebrity status. “Aunty Betty, this Aunty, Betty that!!

It’s a trap! Don’t fall for it!

Imagine if I was not well grounded and confident in who I am even though battling with depression clouded my sense of judgement and reality while it lasted.

Truth is, you do not have to live by other people’s perception of your worth.

The first step is to be true to yourself. You’re first and foremost accountable to yourself.

You can tell the world a lie but to thine on self be true, the wise book says.

Can you afford this lifestyle your social circle is imposing on you?

Is it sustainable?

Is your “celebrity status” costing you your peace of mind because you’re constantly playing catch up?

I admit there was a time I felt I had lost my true identity to my celebrity status but becoming my authentic self and living my truth liberated me…

There’s nothing worse than living in bondage occasioned by wanting to belong aka FOMO.

Set your self free… own your truth, own your story…

Thats what I do best now.

I pray you find your happy place. You’re work in progress. Accept that!
Build your confidence; it will help you avoid unnecessary pressure and give you the courage to focus on your WHY…

What are you being called to become? Your job is to find the answer and follow that path.

I pray you get to live your life in a more intentional way.

Invest in self love and self care.

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