Chief Adebola Olalekan Dosumu popularly known has Oba Dosumu, is  from the Dosumu royal family of Lagos ,Olorogun Adodo precisely, He is also the Akinsiku Alaworo Eyo of Lagos , the arrow head of the Adamu Orisa also  known as Eyo Festival in Lagos.

Question :Can you please tell us into background ?

Answer :I was born on the Island, Isale  Ekoto be precise.  I attended  Saint John Aro Oloya primary School, for my secondary education i proceeded  to Methodist Boy High School on Broad Street Lagos, and then travelled abroad where I studied Criminal Justice at Saint Francis College in New York.

Question :What was growing up like?

Answer: Growing up on the Island was fun  back then, been a Lagosian , it was cool not now that everywhere is chucked up, then we know each other,  we have little houses then, my growing up was fantastic.

Question : Tells us more about Eyo ,is it a family thing?

Answer : Yes it’s a family thing, Akinsiku of Lagos Alaworo Eyo is the arrow head the custodian of the Adamu Orisa known as Eyo Festival as I said earlier,

Akinsiku has been in existence since 1730 ,over 200 years, my dad was next but he was in his seventies so we decided to change history ,my father was a good man, may  His soul rest in peace, I have moved down to Nigeria, then he said my son I want to give you this title ,i  was shocked when he said that.  I don’t want it, for me it’s too heavy he said i should not  worry nothing will happen,  i was scared, later I said yes since it i s yours and you want to pass  to  me, that’s how he gave the title to me and I became the Akinsiku of Lagos July 10 2011 till date. It’s been fine ,glory be to God, everyone knows the role of the Akinshiku of Lagos  and Adamu Orisa play for Lagoscians those that have done well for the state, the Oba’s, the Chiefs that has passed on, for instance you are a Lagoscian and you want to stage Eyo for your grandfather,  is either you go to Oba of Lagos or you come to Awe Adimu at 33 Alagbeji Street Isale Eko that’s the office of the Akinsiku. Akinsiku is the head of Awe Adimu, you tell them you are  from so so family and you would like to stage an Eyo for your grandfather, parents or whoever, if you go to Oba of Lagos, the Oba will send someone to Akinsiku about the information and from there  it is my duty to do the preparation, the family will contact the Lagos State Government to prepare the paper work from security to the rest. From there  preparation will start, the Akinsiku gets the date and the elders of Awe Adimu and we are good to go.

Question :Are their any challenges?

Answer :I will just say the government should try and do more, they are trying though  but to do more this is our culture and tradition we can’t let it go just like that, we need government to assist well in every area not only for Eyo, we have Eyo , Igunnuko and Egungun festival, so many to boost our tourism  and there is a lot of money in tourism , for me I don’t have much challenges so far so good.

Question :Can you tell us how you manage your  lifestyle being a celebrity?

Answer : I am  a selfless human being ,  i don’t let my title get into my head , whenever i  am around my people i  feel free and have fun . I do whatever i have to do, its two different thing social life and traditional life and I don’t mix them together .

Question :Do you have specific events you attend?

Answer :Anywhere you see me are place you can see me and apart from social outing i go out to places because we have our own way of having fun as well.

Question :How do you manage all these with the family?

Answer :When it comes to family they are number one, I don’t joke with my family i take good care of my family ,my wife, my children, they come first I have their time. When its family time I take them out and have fun, my social life is different from my family life I don’t mix them. I am so happy with my family, i have been married for about 17 years now and its being good ,all glory to God.

Question : Can please tell us about your wife Olori Noimot?

Answer :She is a very wonderful woman,  a loving  wife and sister ,she is everything .She has tolerated  me she is a good wife. As a socialite and public figure is not easy but when you have a good wife that understand her husband . I love her so much.

Question :Words of encouragement for the youths?


We are all still youths forget the title, the youths have to believe in themselves , they have to hustle to become  what I want to be , they need to get up and start believing in themselves not just for social media. I am on instagram and very active that as nothing to do with being a   goal getter   and the government needs to help and do more. I  know some graduates out of school for about 3 years and no jobs , government needs to sit down and work hard, the youth are about 51% so we should be the one to determine anything., Nigerians are hardworking but the government needs to do more, Nigerian youths are not lazy

Question :Any words for the Governor elect Mr Babajide Sanwoolu?

Answer :Governor elect Mr. Babajide Olushola Sanwoolu is an uncle, a big brother and a good man, I wish him well come May 29th when he will be sworn in as the governor of Lagos state. I pray for him, he should have a listening ear and be a governor of the people For example Eti Osa what happening, what’s going on, Lagos Island, Mushin, Epe etc  what’s going on, listen to people and feel them let them know you love and care for them,  I wish him well he is a good brother.

Question: Thank you sir?
Answer: God bless Nigeria, God bless Lagos, God bless the Oba’s , God bless all the Chiefs and God bless everybody

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