Badhir Nurudeen Sambo and His Love Nafash Are Getting Married! See Their Pre-wedding Shoot

The road to the wedding itself has started. A path filled with every possible expression of elation, joy, and myriad forms of ecstasy. Then it is no wonder that so many new emergent couples are investing a lot of time and money into pre-wedding photography and ensuring that all these moments, from seemingly more mundane ones to the choicest ones, are captured indelibly by a camera lens so that the memories of those days can be preserved and admired for all time. It also consequently makes it an extremely daunting prospect as the sheer potential challenge makes it seem a difficult proposition. This is why the field of pre wedding photography has become an intense front-line of advancement in technique and expression, filled with seasoned veterans who can do things with light that will make most magic shows seem redundant.

pictures by @jayceepictures

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