Soso Soberekon with Governor of Rivers State Ezenwo Nyesom Wike CON

Today, Soso soberekon attributed the gallantry of today’s PDP to Governor of Rivers State Ezenwo Nyesom Wike CON who stood firm to save the party from extinction when the holocaust came dripping.

He posted on instagram today “If not for this man, who stood his ground, faced the opposition and held it together when all of you ran away, PDP would have been dead and gone. Other PDP members mustered strength from his resilience. Put some respect on his name”.

Sososoberekon expresses his disappointment on how PDP today is playing ostrich with the man who redeems and brought back the party to front line politics.  Soso hold no stone unturned to quickly give the credit to the PDP Governor. General Nyesom Wike and express a lot of awe for his style of leadership and how in less than 4yrs put a face to public works in River State.  He affirmed General Nyesom to be  a political maestro, liberator and PDP conservateur panoramique, he simply thinks Governor  Wike is simply the David who brought down the giant whose intention is to destroy and cast the remain of PDP into extinction. He says without Governor  Wike there will be nothing to called opposition today but his steadfastness and resilience has given voice to an average Nigerian today and believe more should be attributed to him to encourage many to stand up whenever situation arises.

Recently in a post, Soso Soberekon advised young people, he discloses the source of his wealth and as well admonished desperate Nigerians not to go through a short cut to get rich. He said: “Young men/women get it so wrong these days.

There is no short cut to making it, getting rich or ‘hammering’ if you will.’ The mistake you make is thinking successful people literally become successful overnight. This simply doesn’t happen. It takes hard work, smart work, guts, determination, taking risks and consistency to get to the apex of whatever field you’re in.  If luck is present, it’s a very tiny percent Negligible really. Opportunities present themselves and it’s up to you to do the best with it what you will. This should never be mistaken for sheer luck.

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